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How Emergency Blankets Could Save Your Life

How Emergency Blankets Could Save Your Life

While hiking or adventuring the great outdoors many of us are so caught up in the beauty and the fun that we forget the dangers that exist in nature. Throwing a few helpful items in your backpack could mean the difference between life and death especially if you are hiking solo. Rolling an ankle or misjudging the weather are very common occurrences that can quickly turn a fun hike into a very serious situation.

Many can argue what is most important in your pack, but the facts are that the leading cause of death in survival situations is hypothermia - not dehydration and not starvation. Water is usually a given especially when hiking in Arizona, but most never think about mylar emergency blankets. In all honesty, before we started selling mylar emergency blankets I had never tried using them except testing out the samples our manufacturer sent us. As many of you know, in Arizona the temperatures swing wildly from day to night so staying out of the heat or out of the cold is possible with emergency blankets. 

In unpredictable weather that involves rain or snow, fires can be difficult to start and sustain. If you don't have tools to create a shelter you could easily die of hypothermia within hours if you have no means to staying warm. These emergency blankets are so small they can slide right into your pocket or in your backpack and weigh practically nothing.

There's really no magic to using them - all you have to do is wrap it around you and 90% of your body heat is reflected almost instantly. I was amazed at how fast my body warmed up. You've probably seen these at the end of running events like marathons especially when it's colder outside. It works the same way in survival. The nifty thing about it is you can pack 2-3 of them and set one up as a shelter while wrapping up with the other. If you're able to start a small fire, you can use the shelter to reflect the heat from the fire back onto you. It's a win, win! 

Our Magma Emergency Blankets come in a pack of 5. You can throw one in the car, in your backpack or give a couple to other family members. They are also reusable unlike the cheaper versions you find at Walmart and on Amazon. I have field tested those and they rip apart very easily in comparison to ours which are 12 microns thick.

You will also notice that ours have an olive drab colored side to them as well as a reflective side. This was done for a couple of reasons. First, a darker color will absorb more heat from the sun passing that heat onto you inside of the blanket. The olive drab will also help camouflage you, if needed. The reflective side can act as a reflector of the hot sun in desert conditions to keep the heat away from you. Making a shelter with the reflective side out, will help you stay cool. The blanket can also double as a signaling beacon with the reflective side.

If you own one of our single or double hammocks, you know that sleeping in these can be quite cold in the Fall and Winter months. Simply line your hammocks with a sleeping mat and insulate your sleeping bag with one of mylar blankets and you'll stay warm and cozy.

Before studying the emergency preparedness niche, I was not aware of all the uses from a simple mylar emergency blanket. Survival is all about being prepared and well versed in using your surroundings and using what you have to keep yourself alive.

Consider picking up one of our 5 packs, which also comes with a handy signaling mirror as a free bonus item. Remember, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!

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