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Hanging Hammocks with Ropes

Hanging Your Hammock with Ropes

Ropes can be intimidating if you are inexperienced with knot tying. You want to be sure what you tie will hold you up so you don't end up on the ground! We like to package our hammocks with 28 feet of rope because ultimately it keeps the price down, the weight down and to be quite frank, they have a multitude of uses if you need them. It's nice to have multiple uses for every item in your backpack.

To help you out, our ropes come with pre-knotted settings. One end is looped and one end is knotted.

  1. Wrap the rope around the tree and feed the knotted end through the looped end and pull tight to lock the rope in place (Diagram 1).

  2. Attach the carabiner above your desired knot setting (Diagram 2).

* DISCLAIMER: If you attach the carabiner to the bottom setting, make sure that knot is far enough from the end so it doesn't come loose. Sometimes during shipping, that knot can work loose. Make sure it is tightened and far away from the end of the rope or retie it before using. Also, we never recommend hanging a hammock higher than 18 inches off the ground. Do so at your own risk! We are not responsible for any failure to carefully hang your hammock. Do your research on how to properly tie ropes to ensure safety.

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